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Berlitz Basic Dictionary English-Russian / Russian-English

Dictionary Details:

• Around 120,000 references and translations
• Both translation directions (English <-> Russian)

English-Russian: 13,647 entries
Russian-English: 18,293 entries

• Current vocabulary
• Information on grammar and spelling variations
• For everyday, business and travel

Software Features:

  • Morphology module helps you translate words in any grammatical form.
  • Sound modules let you listen to pronunciations of the words in live speech quality.
  • Virtual keyboard lets you enter words in any language even if your phone doesn't support it.
  • Flash Card Quiz is an effective method of learning words. Mark words you want to remember and test your memory as many times as you wish.
  • Look up a word even if you don't know its exact spelling using wildcards ("*", "?" replace a letter and group of letters).
  • Well thought-out user interface is specifically adapted for touch screen devices.
  • Translation of word combinations.
  • Online Update feature checks for updates and downloads new version to your S60 smartphone automatically.
  • Online catalog offers a range of available dictionaries that can be downloaded directly to your device.