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Duden - German dictionary of synonyms 2010
We are glad to present a new 5th Edition* of the Duden - German dictionary of synonyms. The comprehensive German synonyms database contains clear mark-up, indicating the most precise language variations, thus helping you to pick up the most appropriate word for your particular situation.

Illustrative, clear, and informative Duden – German dictionary of synonyms gives alternatives to phrase your ideas more precisely.

What other words stand for interessant or darstellen, erklaren, frohlich and machen? Does the word anscheinend mean the same as scheinbar? Is there any difference between selbst and selber?

All the words you look up are easy to find by the keywords, intricate system of cross-references was rejected. To make the work with the dictionary still easier, all the synonyms in the entry are arranged into groups according to their similarity with the keyword based on style, origin, correlation in temporal and professional aspect.

• Dictionary database is powered by Duden and contains over 300,000 synonyms for more than 20,000 up-to-date keywords.
• Over Helpful word usage examples (e.g. for the word Erziehungsurlaub the official prescribed synonym is Elternzeit; previously used word taubstumm corresponds to modern gehorlos).
• Alternative apt expressions for 200 idioms (e.g. the expression das A und O has several synonymous words and phrases: Brennpunkt, das Wesentliche, das Wichtigste, der springende Punkt; Dreh- und Angelpunkt, Hauptpunkt, and Hauptsache).

Dictionary Features for Symbian:

• German Sound Module lets you listen to pronunciation of selected words in live speech quality.
• Virtual keyboard lets you enter words in any language even if your phone doesn't support it.
• Flash Card Quiz is an effective method of learning new words. Mark those you want to remember and test your memory as often as you wish.
• Find the word even if you don’t know its exact spelling using wildcards ("*", "?" replace a letter and group of letters).
• Find the list of irregular verbs for German dictionaries.
• Intuitive user interface is specifically adapted for touch screen devices.
• Translation of word combinations (Symbiam ^3 is not supported).
• Online update feature checks for updates and downloads new version to your S60 smartphone automatically.
• Online catalog offers a range of available dictionaries that can be downloaded directly to your device.

Besides, with Duden you get:

• Instant look-up
• Hyperlinks between articles and directions
• Multilingual user interface
• Search history of the last 15 words
• Language learning tools
• No Internet connection required
• Minimum memory usage

Note that you only download the dictionary engine. Dictionary database will be downloaded from the server. You will need an Internet connection to download it.