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Duden – German Dictionary, 7th Edition

Get to know the different meanings and finer nuances of meanings of the current German language on the basis of approximately 500,000 keywords, explanations and examples of their usage. The German dictionary will provide you with extensive and easily comprehensible information on how words and phrases may be used in the context of a written or spoken sentence and what they mean. About 250,000 additional details on spelling, pronunciation, origin, grammar and style complete the dictionary. Additionally, it also contains several thousands of sound settings for correct pronunciation spoken by professional speakers on the main German television channel.

Features of the dictionary:

• About 150,000 keywords and sayings
• More than 500,000 examples of usage
• Over 12,000 sound settings for correct pronunciation spoken by professional speakers on the main German television channel
• Clear special section with practical tips on the usage of controversial words 

Dictionary Features for Symbian:

German Sound Module lets you listen to pronunciation of selected words in live speech quality.
Virtual keyboard lets you enter words in any language even if your phone doesn't support it.
Flash Card Quiz is an effective method of learning new words. Mark those you want to remember and test your memory as often as you wish.
• Find the word even if you don’t know its exact spelling using wildcards ("*", "?" replace a letter and group of letters).
• Find the list of irregular verbs for German dictionaries.
• Intuitive user interface is specifically adapted for touch screen devices.
• Translation of word combinations (Symbiam ^3 is not supported).
Online update feature checks for updates and downloads new version to your S60 smartphone automatically.
Online catalog offers a range of available dictionaries that can be downloaded directly to your device.

Besides, with Duden you get:

• Instant look-up
• Hyperlinks between articles and directions
• Multilingual user interface
• Search history of the last 15 words
• Language learning tools
• No Internet connection required
• Minimum memory usage

that you only download the dictionary engine. Dictionary database will be downloaded from the server. You will need an Internet connection to download it.