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Academical English-Russian & Russian-English Dictionary

Academical English-Russian dictionary, presented in a series of "XXI century dictionaries" contains more than 200,000 words and phrases, as well as a large number of detailed word usage examples in spoken and written language.This edition includes new words and idiomatic expressions, terms of economics, computer equipment, etc.The dictionary focuses on British English, but also includes examples of American word usage.

Dictionary features:

• Around 148 000 entries
• English Sound Module contains around 51 000 words
• Russian Sound Module contains around 51 000 words

Application Features:

  • This version of the dictionaries is very well thought-out and adapted specifically to touch screen devices.
  • Translate not only words but also word combinations.
  • Dictionary Online Update - easily check for updated software versions and download to your device.
  • Online dictionary catalog where you can download new dictionaries directly to your device.
  • Find the translation of the word in any grammatical form with help of built-in Morphology Module for English and Russian.
  • Virtual Keyboard allows entering words in any language of the dictionary even if your phone doesn't support it.
  • Flash Card Quiz enables you to add new words to flash cards and test your knowledge as many times as you wish.
  • Irregular verbs for all English dictionaries.
  • Find the word even if you don't know its exact spelling using wildcards ("*", "?", etc.)
  • You can Improve the program filling in the form with your comments.
  • Use pop-up Tips to facilitate your work with the dictionaries.
  • All translation articles are specifically designed to facilitate your most comfortable and efficient work with the dictionary.

Note that you only download the dictionary engine. Dictionary databases will be downloaded from the server. You will need an Internet connection to download them.