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Oxford Russian Dictionary
Offering a comprehensive look at both languages, it includes over 185,000 words and phrases and 290,000 translations. The dictionary provides exceptional coverage of regional Russian, British, and American dialects as well as of modern idioms and colloquial usage, cultural notes elucidate aspects of Russian life, with numerous illustrative examples. It also includes all common abbreviations and acronyms, helpful advice on difficult points of grammar and correspondence section, with sample letters, CVs, and guidance on text messaging.

Dictionary features:
  • NEW! Morphology module for English and Russian languages helps to translate words in any grammatical form.
  • NEW! Sound module for English and Russian languages. Listen to numerous keywords spoken by native speakers.
  • Enter words in any language of the dictionary even if your phone doesn't support it with Virtual Keyboard.
  • Keep your dictionary always up-to-date. New Dictionary Online Update feature lets you know of updated dictionary versions available for download and you can also set up frequency of update check.
  • Discover new dictionaries and download it directly to your device with the built-in Online dictionary catalog.
  • Add unfamiliar words to flash cards and test your knowledge as many times as you wish with Flash Card Quiz. The program analyses the statistics of your answers and decide what words you have learned. (The more often you get the right answer, the more rarely you will be asked to translate this word).
  • Find the word even if you don’t know its exact spelling using wildcards ("*", "?", etc.).
  • Copy entries to the clipboard. You can paste a dictionary article into your messages, e-mails, notes, etc.
  • Read built-in help (tips) and up-to-date documentation on English and Russian languages.
Besides, with Oxford you get:
  • Use dictionaries on devices with touch screen
  • Irregular verbs for all English dictionaries
  • Several dictionaries installation with the various languages choice (rapid switch amongst dictionaries available, dictionary activation/deactivation option) allow you to have as many dictionary bases as you want in one Oxford
  • Collection several dictionaries databases in case it has one linguistic directions
  • Cross-lookup feature between articles and directions
  • Search History to see the list of last 15 translations
  • Dictionary interface is available in English and Russian languages
Note that you only download the dictionary engine. Dictionary database will be downloaded from the server. You will need an Internet connection to download it.